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Editor's Note: Please note that the following text was taken from the booklet entitled "Thy Kingdom Come, Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus", originally written/published probably either in 1943 or in 1944.

Thy Kingdom Come





Imprimi Potest
Columba Moran, SS. CC.

Nihil Obstat:
H. B. Reis, Censor Librorum
St. Francis, Wisconsin

Moyses E. Kiley. S.T.D.
Archiepiscopus Milwaukiensis

12 Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1.  I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life.

2.  I will establish peace in their families.

3.  I will bless every house in which the picture of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.

4.  I will console them in all of their difficulties.

5.  I will be their refuge during life and especially at the hour of death.

6.  I will shed abundant blessings upon all of their undertakings.

7.  Sinners shall find in My Heart a fountain and boundless ocean of mercy.

8.  Tepid souls shall become fervent.

9.  Fervent souls shall rise speedily to great perfection.

10.  I will give to Priests the power of touching the hardest hearts.

11.  Those who propagate this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart never to be blotted out.

12.  I promise thee, in the excessive mercy of My Heart, that My all-powerful love will grant to all who communicate on the first Friday of the month for nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence; they shall not die in My displeasure nor without their sacraments: My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.


What Is the Enthronement?

It is a crusade to re-establish the Social Reign of the Sacred Heart in and through the family. It is based on Our Lord s statement to St. Margaret Mary: I will reign through My Heart!

It is an organized campaign to restore Christ to the family, and the family to Christ. It is the answer to the question: “What can we do to save the family?”

How Does the Enthronement Restore Christ to the Family?

The Enthronement begins with a beautiful and impressive ceremony. In the home itself, in the presence of the Priest, who presides at the ceremony, the entire family publicly and solemnly acknowledges that Christ is the King and Loving Master of their home. This is done by having the head of the family install a picture or statue of the Sacred Heart in the place of honor, in the principal room of the home as on a throne. (Hence the word “Enthronement.”) After this solemn acknowledgment of the sovereign rights of Christ the King over the family, the members then consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart thereby pledging themselves to live as though the Sacred Heart were actually dwelling in their midst as He did at Nazareth, treating Him as an intimate member of the family, as a Friend and Brother.

Is this All There Is to the Enthronement?

No, the ceremony is but the beginning of a new life, a life of love: of loving obedience to all the commandments of Christ and His Church; a life of prayer: especially of family prayers before the image of the Enthroned King, evening prayers and Rosary in common; a Eucharistic life: of frequent and even daily Mass and Communion, linking up the sanctuary of the Church and the sanctuary of the home; finally, a life of Christian penance, especially by refusing to give in to pagan ways and pagan styles which are slowly destroying the Christian home. and by making reparation for the terrible crimes of divorce, birth control, and sensuality through night adoration in the home itself.

Why Will the Enthronement Restore the Family to Christ?

Because in the Enthronement the family is putting Our Lord and His interests first. In return the Sacred Heart takes over the interests of the family.  Our Lord Himself has promised that He will bless and sanctify those families who Enthrone Him as King.  He asked St. Margaret Mary, to whom He revealed His Sacred Heart, that He be allowed to reign over the homes of the rich and the poor; that He be solemnly received as King and Friend, and that His Sacred Heart be honored and loved. “I will bless every place where an image of My Sacred Heart shall be set up and honored.” “I will establish peace in their homes; I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life; I will comfort them in all their afflictions; I will bless all their undertakings.” Hence we may safely say that this is the means Our Lord Himself has selected to restore His sovereign rights over the family, and through the family, over society itself.

Has this Work Been Approved?

Yes, first by the Sacred Heart Himself, as evidenced by the countless conversions, both of individuals and families, where the Sacred Heart has been Enthroned; secondly by the last four popes [N.B.  This booklet was written most probably in 1943 or 1944.]: Pius X called it “A work of social salvation”; Benedict XV wrote to Father Mateo, its founder: “Nothing is more opportune than your undertaking”; Pius XI blessed this work many times both publicly and privately, and Pius XII recently wrote to Father Mateo praising him for his work and encouraging him to continue the work of “the Enthronement, which is so well suited to foster the reign of love and mercy of the Sacred Heart in the family.”

In the United States, the work of the Enthronement has been officially approved by His Eminence Samuel Cardinal Stritch of Chicago; Their Excellencies Archbishops John J. Cantwell of Los Angeles, Michael J. Curley of Baltimore-Washington; John A. Floersh of Louisville; Moses E. Kiley of Milwaukee; Bishops Robert J. Armstrong of Sacramento, Charles F. Buddy of San Diego, Leo Binz of Winona, James A. Griffin of Springfield, Illinois, William J. Hafey of Scranton, Edward J. Kelly of Boise, Idaho, John F. Noll of Fort Wayne, John F. O’Hara, C.S.C. of Buffalo, Albert C. Meyer of Superior, Wisconsin, Daniel J. Gercke of Tucson, Martin J. O'Connor, Rector of the North American College in Rome. Many organizations are promoting it such as the Legion of Mary, Diocesan Councils of Catholic Women, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Archconfraternity of Christian Doctrine, etc.

What must I Do to Enthrone the Sacred Heart in My Home?

Read carefully what follows.


Before the Ceremony

Prepare for the Enthronement:

1.  Learn what it is and how important it is.  Procure explanatory literature. Prepare well.

2.  Set a date for the Enthronement in agreement with the Pastor or other Priest.

3.  If possible have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered that. morning for the reign of the Sacred Heart in your home, and as an act of love and reparation to the Sacred Heart. The entire family should try to receive Communion at this Mass, or at another Mass.

4.  Obtain as beautiful a picture or statue of the Sacred Heart as possible. If you already have a picture, use that one. (Suitable pictures may be obtained reasonably at your local Center or at the National Center.)

5.  Below the place of honor reserved for the statue or picture, prepare a “throne” or “altar,” that is to say, a table (or perhaps the mantel-piece), covered with a white cloth, beautifully decorated with flowers a n d candles. The picture or statue should be placed on a small table near this “throne” before the ceremony. Put photographs of departed and absent members of family around the “throne”. Have Holy Water on the small table.

6.  Invite your relatives and friends to be present, thus you will already begin to be an apostle of the Sacred Heart.” Have a family party after the ceremony, with a special treat for the children, who of course, should be present at the ceremony, even the smallest.

7.  Make this day one of the outstanding events of the family life - one long to be remembered. The greater the solemnity, the better.

Note:  Even though your home has been consecrated to the Sacred Heart, you may still have the Enthronement, as the two are not the same.


1.  All gather around the “throne” of the King; father, mother, and children nearest to the Priest - who stands facing the picture of the Sacred. Heart.

2.  Priest, in black cassock (or habit of Religious Order/Congregation), white surplice and white stole, blesses the picture, saying:

The Blessing of the Picture or Statue

Let us pray.
Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui Sanctorum tuorum imagines pingi non reprobas, ut quoties illas oculis corporis intuemur, toties eorum actus et sanctitatem ad imitandum memoriae oculis meditemur, hanc quaesumus, imaginem in honorem et memoriam Sacratissimi Cordis Unigeniti Filii tui Domini Nostri Jesu Christi adaptatam bene +  dicere et sancti + ficare digneris; et praesta ut quicumque coram illa, Cor Sacratissimum Unigeniti Filii tui suppliciter colere et honorare studuerit, illius meritis et obtentu a te gratiam in praesenti, et aeternam gloriam obtineat in futurum. 

Per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Almighty and everlasting God, Who dost approve the painting and sculpting of the images of Thy saints, so that as often as we gaze upon them we are reminded to imitate their deeds and sanctity; vouchsafe, we implore Thee, to ble + ss and to sanct + ify this picture [statue] made in honor and in memory of the Most Sacred Heart of Thy only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ; and grant, that whosoever, in its presence, will suppliantly worship and honor the Most Sacred Heart of Thy only begotten Son, may obtain through His merits and intercession grace in this life and everlasting glory in the world to come.

Through Christ our Lord.

Amen. Amen.

The Priest here sprinkles the picture [statue] with holy water.

3.  Then the priest or the father (or in his absence, the mother) solemnly installs the picture or statue in the place of honor prepared for it. (If the picture or statue is already in a permanent place, then it may be lifted slightly to indicate the act of “placing on a throne.”). This is the symbolic act of Enthronement.

4.  All stand while the APOSTLES  CREED is recited as an act of faith on the part of the family.

5.  Everyone is seated while the Priest addresses a few words to those present, reminding the members of the family of what the Sacred Heart expects from families which have acknowledged Him as King; recalling the magnificent promises of the Sacred Heart; urging the family to live its Enthronement, and frequently to renew the Act of Consecration which they are about to make.

6.  All kneel, while the priest recites the official Act of Consecration of the family to the Sacred Heart. Note:  This is the official text composed by Fr. Ladislas, SS.CC., and approved by Pius X, at the request of the Procurator General of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts by Rescript of May 19, 1908. It was made obligatory to gain the indulgences of the Enthronement by a decision of the Sacred Penitentiary on March 1, 1918. (A.A.S. April 1, 1918, p. 154.)

Act of Consecration of the
Family to the Sacred Heart

(Recited by the Priest.)

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who didst make known to St. Margaret Mary Thine ardent desire to reign over Christian families, behold us assembled here today te proclaim Thane absolute dominion over our Home.

Henceforth we purpose to lead a life like unto Thine so that amongst us may flourish the virtues for which Thou didst promise peace on earth, and for this end we will banish from our midst the spirit of the world which Thou dost abhor so much.

Thou wilt reign over our understanding by the simplicity of our faith. Thou wilt reign over our hearts by an ardent love for Thee; and may the flame of this love be ever kept burning in our hearts by the frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist.

Deign, O Divine Heart, to preside over our meetings, to bless our undertakings both spiritual and temporal, to banish all worry and care, to sanctify our joys and soothe our sorrows. If any of us should ever have the misfortune to grieve Thy Sacred Heart, remind him of Thy goodness and mercy toward, the repentant sinner.

Lastly when the hour of separation will sound and death will plunge our home into mourning, then shall we all and every one of us be resigned to Thy eternal decrees, and seek consolation in the thought that we shall all one day be reunited in Heaven, where we shall sing the praises and blessings of Thy Sacred Heart for all eternity.

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the glorious Patriarch St. Joseph offer Thee this our Consecration and remind us of the same all the days of our life.

Glory to the Divine Heart of Jesus, our King and our Father!

7.  The priest here asks those present to say with him ONE OUR FATHER AND HAIL MARY for all the absent members, both living and dead.

8.  All recite with the Priest the following:

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Glory be to Thee, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the infinite mercy Thou hast bestowed upon the privileged members of this family.  Thou hast chosen it from thousands of others, as a recipient of Thy love and a sanctuary of reparation wherein Thy most loving Heart shall find consolation for the ingratitude of men.  How great, O Lord Jesus, is the confusion of this portion of Thy faithful flock as we accept the unmerited honor of seeing Thee preside over our family!  Silently we adore Thee,  overjoyed to see Thee sharing under the same roof the toils, cares and joys of Thy innocent children!  It is true we are not worthy that Thou shouldst enter our humble abode, but Thou hast already reassured us, when Thou didst reveal Thy Sacred Heart to us, teaching us to find in the wound of Thy Sacred Side the source of grace and life everlasting.  In this loving and trusting spirit we give ourselves to Thee, Thou Who art unchanging Life.  Remain with us, Most Sacred Heart, for we feel an irresistible desire to love Thee and make Thee loved.

May our home be for Thee a haven as sweet as that of Bcthany, where Thou canst find rest in the midst of loving friends, who, like Mary, have chosen the better part in the loving intimacy of Thy Heart!  May this home be for Thee, O beloved Saviour, a humble but hospitable refuge during the exile imposed on Thee by Thine enemies.

Come, then Lord Jesus, come, for here as at Nazareth, we have a tender love for the Virgin Mary Thy sweet Mother Whom Thou hast given us to be our Mother.  Come, to fill with Thy sweet presence the vacancies which misfortune and death have wrought in our midst.

O most faithful Friend, hadst Thou been here in the midst or sorrow, our tears would have been less bitter; the comforting balm of peace would then have soothed these hidden wounds, which are known to Thee alone.  Come, for even now perhaps, there is drawing near for us the twilight of tribulation, and the decline of the passing days of our youth and our illusions.  Stay with us, for already it is late,  and a perverted world seeks to envelop us the darkness of its denials while we wish to adhere to Thee Who alone art the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Repeat for us those words Thou didst utter of old “This day I must abide in this home.”

Yes, dear Lord, take up Thy abode with us, so that we may live in Thy love and in Thy presence, we who proclaim Thee as our King and wish no other!  May Thy triumphant Heart, O Jesus, be forever loved, blessed, and glorified in this home!  Thy Kingdom Come! Amen!

9.  As an act of homage to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, all recite the HAIL HOLY QUEEN.


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: 
(3 times)
Have mercy on us!
(3 times)
Immaculate Heart of Mary: Pray for us.
St. Joseph:  Pray for us.
St. Margaret Mary: Pray for us.

(ALL) Glory to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus forever and ever! Amen.

11.  The Priest gives his blessing while everyone makes the Sign of the Cross on themselves.

Blessing of the Priest

Benedictio Dei omnipotentis, Patris, + et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, descendat super vos et maneat semper.
May the blessing of Almighty God, the Father, +  the Son, and the Holy Ghost, descend upon thee and always remain with thee.

(Family)  Amen.

(Family)  Amen.

12.  Then the members of the family and the Priest sign the Certificate of the Enthronement, which should be framed and hung near the picture of the Sacred Heart or kept in the family archives.

13.  The Priest announces the following indulgences to be gained by the members of the family (Raccolta 1943, page 536):

1.  A plenary indulgence under the usual conditions, on the day of the Enthronement.

2.  An indulgence of 7 years for all the members of the family who, at least contrite of heart assist at the ceremony of the Enthronement in their home.

3.  An indulgence of 3 years - once a year, on the day they renew the official Act of Consecration before the likeness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

4.  A plenary indulgence on the same day under the usual conditions.

NOTE:  The CEREMONY of the Enthronement, is only the beginning: the following practices of devotion will help you LIVE the Enthronement. This is the TRUE reign of the Sacred Heart in your family.


1.  Frequent and even daily attendance at Mass by at least one member of family, and Communion of Reparation.

2.  Observance of the First Friday of each month. (Holy Mass, Communion of Reparation; renewal of Act of Consecration before enthroned image.)

3.  Daily Family Rosary before the enthroned image of the Sacred Heart, with renewal of the Act of Consecration.  After each decade say the prayers taught to the children at Fatima by the Immaculate Heart of Mary: O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell; lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of thy mercy!

4.  Celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart by the entire family; attendance at Mass, Communion for the extension of the Reign of the Sacred Heart through the Enthronement; family gathering and celebration at home, with renewal of Enthronement; special party for the children.

5.  Observe the month of June, the month of the Sacred Heart; keep flowers before “throne.” Mass arid Communion as often as possible.

6.  Assist at Holy Hour in Church.

7.  Night Adoration in the home. Any hour between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., by any one or all the members of the family at least once a month.

8.  Celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the 22nd of August. Mass, Communion; Consecration of family to Immaculate Heart.

9.  Make the five First Saturdays in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of Russia: Holy Mass and Communion of reparation; five decades of the Rosary plus a fifteen minute meditation on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. The Rosary and meditation may be carried out at any hour on the First Saturday; a sermon in church will satisfy the obligation of the meditation.

10.  Practice devotion to the Holy Ghost. Recite “Rosary of the Holy Ghost.”

Special Occasions on Which the Family
Should Renew the Act of Consecration
(Long Form)

1.  Feast of Sacred Heart; Christ the King.

2.  Anniversary of the Enthronement.

3. Anniversary of Parents and children.

4.  At births; after Baptism in the Church consecrate the children to the Sacred Heart before the “throne” in the home.

5.  At First Communion: prepare the children before the image of the Sacred Heart in the home. When they return from Church, let the children renew the Act of Consecration made for them by parents at birth.

6.  Before a departure from home: to join army, convent, seminary; before marriage, etc.

7.  On the return of an absent member of family.

8.  On days of great family joys: in times of sorrow, sickness and death.

Note:  There is no more appropriate way for a young couple to begin their married life, than to enthrone the Sacred Heart in their new home.


We have already mentioned that through the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home we are trying to make of the home a sanctuary of prayer, of penance and of Eucharistic life. In this connection we mentioned the work of NIGHT ADORATION IN THE HOME ITSELF, as a means of making reparation in the family for the sins being committed in and against the home.

This work of reparation is not the same as the Enthronement although connected with it. Therefore a family may have the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in their home without becoming Night Adorers, and likewise, a person or even an entire family may make Night Adoration in their home without having the Enthronement. The ideal is to have the Sacred Heart Enthroned in the home and then offer one hour of adoration and reparation to the Enthroned King at least once a month before the “throne” of the King. This ideal cannot always be realized, hence let it be clearly understood that if you have the Enthronement in your home you do not necessarily have to make an hour of adoration. It is left to your own choice and generosity. Now read Father Mateo’s own explanation of, and new appeal for Night Adoration, written since his arrival in this country.

"Watch one hour with Me!"


For Night Adoration in the Home
By Father Mateo, Its Founder

More than twenty years ago I launched my first appeal to generous souls to watch one hour at night in the home in reparation to the Sacred Heart for the sins of families. Mv invitation was intended for a chosen few - faithful friends of the Sacred Heart - the “little flock” of adorers who, once a month would offer consolation to the Master during the hours of the night, when He is so outraged and insulted by the sins of His so-called “friends.”

The response to the first appeal was overwhelming: a veritable Palm Sunday of “Hosannas” to the King, rising from thousands and thousands of family sanctuaries all over the world, sanctuaries wherein an army of Night Adorers is watching during the night in a spirit of love, of social reparation and apostolate. Truly, we may say an army of perpetual adorers who, “from the rising of the sun until the going down thereof,” in union with the priests offering the Holy Sacrifice of Mass, are making reparation for the sins of men.

Here in this great country, the number of Night Adorers is already well over the one hundred thousand mark, and perhaps even higher than we realize, for there are many who sacrifice an hour of their sleep each month and even more often, whose names are known only to the Sacred Heart.

If, twenty years ago, I was convinced of the necessity and importance of penance in the sanctuary of the home itself, I am convinced now more than ever before. The attack on the home, the last line of defense of Christian civilization, has been intensified, and pagan ways and pagan customs have invaded the homes that should be other Nazareths, to such an extent that many - far too many - superficial Catholic families are lifting their voices with those of the enemies of Christ: “We will not have this man reign over us!”  If reparation is not made by penance for this modern betrayal, in the home itself, then may we expect and fear the swift punishment of a merciful but just God avenging the sacrilegious violation of a sanctuary consecrated by the Incarnation and Birth of His own Divine Son.

I say that 1 am more than ever convinced of the necessity of penance in the home itself. Naturally I praise and admire the great effort being made on all sides to develop the Eucharistic spirit in the church, and while I heartily applaud this splendid Christian idea, I must say that I cling more strongly still to the no less high ideal of Eucharistic Adoration in the home. Those really acquainted with the spirit of reparation of our crusade, and its transcendent importance in the home, will readily understand the “why” of this preference on my part for the Eucharistic Adoration within the family circle.

Not every one is able to make the hour of Eucharistic Adoration in the church, particularly at night. Must they be deprived, then, of the honor and privilege of consoling the Divine Prisoner, alone and forsaken in so many tabernacles? By no means! In the sanctuary of their homes, let them prostrate themselves in spirit before the tabernacle, and, in union with the Priests who at that moment, in some part of the world, are offering the Sacrifice of Calvary to the Trinity, let them adore, praise, petition and atone in the name of their own and other families who offend and sadden the Sacred Heart by their daily denial of His rights as King.

I think there is no stronger, no better way to stress the beauty and necessity of family prayer, of penance and Eucharistic spirit, than by developing this threefold spirit in the home where the Sacred Heart has been enthroned in spirit and in truth. I would even dare affirm that the truest Catholic families are those that have understood the beauty and the duty of offering the homage of prayer and penance in the sanctuary of the home, where the family lives, struggles and where we die.

Once more then, Christian fathers and mothers, sons and daughters - all you who love the Sacred Heart, Priests and Sisters as well as the Laity, once more I appeal to you in His Name and for His outraged honor and glory, make reparation in a spirit of generous love and penance, for the fatal modern social apostasy of the home.

Will you not offer to watch one hour once a month with the Adorable Master during His mortal agony to which He is everywhere subject?  Is it asking too much of you to sacrifice one hour of your sleep once a month to console the sorrowful Heart of the King, when so many are devoting hours and even entire nights to sins which afflict and insult Him?  Is not this the least we can offer?  Prove that you are His faithful friends!

I have never been disappointed in American Catholics, and I am convinced that I will not be disappointed now. To the thousands already giving consolation to the King, many more will come to Him as did the consoling Angel in the Garden of Olives. But - and this is most important - only generous and fervent souls are wanted, not those who think to console Him by night and insult Him by day, or those who try to make up in one hour for the offenses they have committed during the rest of the month.

And this is particularly true of those so-called Christian women, who by their pagan attitude, especially as regards dress, are piercing the Heart of Christ and His Blessed Mother.  I am appealing to a select few now, as I appealed before.  It is not the crowds of Palm Sunday we want, but the little band of faithful friends who stood by the Cross of Jesus as He died amid the taunts and insults of His own people.  To them I stretch out my hands, pleading in the name of the Divine Outcast....what is your answer?

Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC.


SPIRIT.  Night adoration in the home is made in a spirit of reparation, especially for the sins of pride and sensuality of so many so-called “Christian” families, most of which are committed during the night. Since sins are being committed every hour of the day and night, reparation should also be perpetual.  Therefore, night adoration in the home is organized in such a way that at every hour of the night throughout the year, reparation is being made by the sacrifice of an hour of sleep, offered to the Sacred Heart as an act of homage and love during His mystical agony.

REGULATIONS.  1. The night adorer promises to make one hour of adoration once a month during the night. The night begins at 9 p.m. and ends with the hour from 5-6 a.m. Adoration made at any other time is meritorious but is not sufficient to gain the Indulgences.

2.  As an act of generosity, night adorers are encouraged to leave the choice of their date and hour of adoration to the Director, but are perfectly free to choose their own date and hour for any reasonable motive. Any date and hour of the month may be selected, either a fixed date, such as the 15th of the month or a movable date such as the First Friday.

3.  In order to keep accurate records, and to maintain continuous nights of adoration, deaths and withdrawals of members, as well as changes of address, should be made known to the promoter or to the Center where the name is registered.

4.  It is not necessary to renew the enrollment each year. Once enrolled, you continue to be a member until death or voluntary withdrawal.

5.  The promise you make does not bind under pain of sin, even venial sin.  Father Mateo started it as an act of loving homage and reparation to the Sacred Heart.  Accordingly, its success and duration will depend upon the extent of the faithfulness and generosity of the members. This fidelity will be proved when through sickness or otherwise prevented you make your hour of adoration some other night. It is not necessary to notify the Director of temporary change of date or hour.

To be a true member of the League, the night adorer should pledge himself to give the example of a true Christian life which does not contradict the spirit of reparation, particularly by conforming to Catholic standards of decency in dress, reading, recreation, language and morals.

FAMILIES.  In large families the adoration may be arranged in such a way that each member of the family watches in turn a picture of the Sacred Heart. This is already being done in many families is the United States. If the Sacred Heart has been enthroned in the home, then the adoration should take place before the enthroned image of the Sacred Heart, around which lighted candles and flowers have been placed, whenever this is possible. (This is not essential.)

The hours are assigned to each member of the family by the father or mother. If the family is large enough (nine members) then the adoration may begin at 9 p.m. and continue to 8 a.m..  In smaller families, it may begin at 9 a.m. and continue until all the members have made their adoration. At the end of each hour the next adorer is called by the preceding one. If it is not practical to make the adoration successively as described above, then the entire family may make it together at one determined hour.

Again the father and mother may desire to make it alone or even one member of the family. In this case it may be made in the privacy of one s bedroom. The family is free to arrange this matter according to circumstances.  If the family makes adoration at the same hour, then the father or mother might lead the prayers and the others join in the responses, as is done during the Holy Hour in church. This will make the hour pass quickly and pleasantly, especially for the children. Let one family “pay the ransom” for other families.

GENERAL OBSERVATIONS.  Father Mateo strongly urges the night adorers to begin their hour of adoration by uniting themselves in spirit with the Priests who at that moment are offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in some part of the world.  Let them “Pray the Mass” by using their Missals and reciting the Canon of the Mass with the Priest.

INDULGENCES.  By decree of April 27, 1929, the Very Reverend Father General of the Franciscan Fathers affiliated the League of Night Adoration to this Order, and granted all night adorers participation in its merits. On the 17th of May, 1929, the League of Night Adoration was affiliated to the Franciscan Confraternity of Nocturnal Reparation in Italy. This was ratified by the Sacred Congregation of the Council by a Rescript of April 14, 1930.  By virtue of this affiliation, the members of the League can gain the following Indulgences. Note: To gain these Indulgences it is necessary that the name of the night adorer be inscribed at a duly authorized Center; that the adoration be made between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., according to the legal time in your locality.

a)  A PLENARY INDULGENCE on the ordinary conditions ( confession, communion, visit to a church or public oratory, prayers for the Holy Father's intentions).

1)  On the day of their admission as members of the League.  (The day they hand in their enrollment to a promoter or send it to a Center. Promoters must send in the names to Center.)

2)  Every time members make their hour of adoration according to the Regulations given above.

b)  A PLENARY INDULGENCE at the hour of death if the members - having received the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist, or at least, being contrite, invoke the Holy Name of Jesus, if possible with their lips or at least in their heart, and patiently accept death as coming from the Hand of God and as the wages of sin.

c)  A PARTIAL INDULGENCE of 7 years for every extra hour of adoration made with a contrite heart.


(To be said at night prayers in union with all families in which the Sacred Heart has been enthroned.)

Most sweet Jesus, humbly kneeling at Thy feet, we renew the Consecration of our family to Thy Divine Heart.  Be Thou our King forever!  In Thee we have full and entire confidence. May Thy spirit penetrate our thoughts, our desires, our words and our works.  Bless our undertakings, share in our joys, in our trials and in our labors.  Grant us to know Thee better, to love Thee more, to serve Thee without faltering.

By the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Peace, set up Thy kingdom in our country. Enter closely into the midst of our families and make them Thine own through the Solemn Enthronement of Thy Sacred Heart, so that soon one cry may resound from home to home: “May the triumphant Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved, blessed and glorified forever!”  Honor and glory to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, protect our families.”
(300 days indulgence, Raccolta, p. 143.)

The greatest Mission to convert sinners and to sanctify the faithful, is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

If then you have prodigals at home, and if you wish to glorify the Most Blessed Trinity, never miss one Holy Mass through your own fault. Let us never separate the Sacrifice and the Sacrament; let us appreciate the Sacrifice in all its value in order to esteem and love the Jesus of the Altar-Rails and of the Tabernacle.

May all the families of the Sacred Heart become Eucharistic families of daily Mass and Communion, in as far as this is possible.

Father Mateo, SS.CC.

Important Data

1)  Please Note:  Because of various difficulties today, it is no longer required to send in the hour requested by each Family member to the Night Adoration organization for those Families which desire to take part in the One Monthly Night of One Hour Adoration/Reparation in the Home.

2)  Please Note:  Because of the difficulties today in having access to the Mass and the Sacraments, especially Penance and Holy Eucharist, the requirements for gaining Plenary Indulgences have been modified as follows:

Plenary Indulgences

For the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

1)  One Plenary Indulgence can be gained by each member of the Family who is physically present for the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, applicable by each Family member to oneself.

2)  One Hundred Plenary Indulgences can be gained by each member of the Family who is physically present for the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, applicable by each Family member only to the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory.

For the Renewal of the Act of Consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

1)  One Plenary Indulgence can be gained by each member of the Family who is physically present for the Renewal of the Act of Consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in front of or close to the place where the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has been enthroned, applicable by each Family member to oneself.

2)  One Hundred Plenary Indulgences can be gained by each member of the Family who is physically present for the Renewal of the Act of Consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, in front of or close to the place where the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has been enthroned, applicable by each Family member only to the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory.

For One Monthly Night of One Hour Adoration/Reparation in the Home

1)  One Plenary Indulgence can be gained by each member of the Family who makes the one hour of Adoration/Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, once a month, anytime between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. local time, in front of or close to the place where the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has been enthroned, applicable by each Family member to oneself.

2)  One Hundred Plenary Indulgences can be gained by each member of the Family who makes the one hour of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, once a month, anytime between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. local time, in front of or close to the place where the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus has been enthroned, applicable by each Family member only to the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory.

Requirements for gaining the Plenary Indulgences

1)  Perform the work required; e.g., be physically present during the Enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus which is done according to the above rubrics and prayers.

2)  Be in the state of Sanctifying Grace.

3)  Have the intention of gaining the Plenary Indulgences.

4)  Nothing else is required.

Final Thoughts

One of the promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was:  "I will establish peace in their families".

One lady, who was married to an alcoholic for over 18 years, relates how her abusive husband used to pick fights with her very frequently.  Eventually, this lady put a small picture of the Sacred Heart in the room he usually picked fights with her and suddenly he no longer hit her or verbally attacked her in that room.  But he began doing it in a different room, after which she put a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, not only in that room, but in all the rooms of their house.  She had peace in everyone of those rooms where the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was put on the wall.  That left the garage, and after the first fight in the garage, she likewise put the picture of the Sacred Heart in the garage as well.  Thus, the entire house was, for the first time since their marriage, totally at peace!

Those of you who have fight-prone spouses, or bosses, would do well to put a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in every room of your house and also where you work!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Grant us peace!

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“Charity is patient, is kind: Charity...beareth all things, Believeth all things, Hopeth all things, endureth all things” (1 Corinthians 13:4, 7).

“Now Faith is the substance of things to be Hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not” (Hebrews 11:1).

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