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Saint Jude is
The Patron Saint
of cases that are:
Difficult, Hopeless,
and Impossible

Saint Jude
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An Ecclesiastical, Religious, Spiritual, Devotional, Educational, Informational, News, Data, and E-Journal Web Site, Dedicated to Preserving the Authentic Apostolic Tradition of the Catholic Church on Important Subjects and Issues Concerning the Catholic Church and Her Members.

Pope Benedict XVI
Dear Pope Benedict XVI:

I respectfully extend a most warm welcome to Your Holiness for your frequent visits, of over many years, to this web site devoted to the Holy Apostle, Saint Jude Thaddeus!

A Most Humble and Grateful Welcome, Your Holiness!  I hope that your visits to these web pages have been helpful to you, both personally, and especially in regard to your Apostolic Office, as, for example, your quoting from my Sunday Sermons on the Spiritual Life, which I posted weekly on the Sunday Sermon web pages which were actual Sermons I had preached on the Spiritual Life to the Parishioners who attended my Sunday Masses over the years. 

I remember reading the several paragraphs you usually directly quoted from my various Sunday Sermons in your Wednesday talks to the Pilgrims to the Vatican, when you spoke to them after Praying the Angelus. 

I also remember there was a delay of about 3 weeks between the time I posted each new Spiritual Sunday Sermon on its respective web page on this Shrine of Saint Jude web site and your talk during your Wednesday Papal Audience for the Pilgrims to the Vatican. 

Of course, you used your own personal beginning and ending, but you quoted usually between two to four paragraphs, depending on their length, from my Sermons. I am happy you found my Sermons to be helpful for you. 

Thank you so very much for visiting this Shrine of Saint Jude web site.  Please continue to visit us at your good pleasure.  I apologize for failing to thank you sooner for your many visits!  Mea Culpa!  Mea Culpa!

God Bless You.  Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

About Us

What Is Cordi-Marian Fathers?

For the record, Cordi-Marian Fathers  is a Religious Congregation according to the legal prescriptions of Roman Catholic Church Canon Law, a.k.a., Church Law, which is used by the Catholic Church and is therefore a LEGAL entity and entitled to use the term Cordi-Marian Fathers.

An historical legal explanation of  a Religious Congregation in general as applied by the Jurisdictions of dioceses and Uniate eparchies can be found in various places including the Codex Iuris Canonici,, e.g., ¶ # 488, 2.; Codex Iuris Canonici Orientalis, e.g., ¶ # 314, # 2; ¶ # 314, # 3; etc.

Also many years ago, and in terms of civil law, Cordi-Marian Fathers  became a legal civil Corporation by submitting the required and necessary documents, data, etc. in order to fulfill the requirements of the various State Laws for Corporations without which an organization can not become a legal Corporation.

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God Bless You!
Father Michael

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