My Mass Intentions
St. Jude Thaddeus
Request Saint Jude Masses
to be Offered 
for you at Saint Jude's Altar
Stipend for EACH Mass is only $35.00. (U.S. Funds Only Please!)

N.B.:  Please mark as many intention boxes as you like. There is only ONE intention for EACH ONE Mass. For example, IF you mark 2 intention boxes, you are requesting two Holy Masses and you would mail us a Stipend for the total of these two Masses = $70.00, along with this filled-out form which you have printed.

PLEASE NOTE: Over the years, it has been brought to our attention that more and more Priests are combining many, many Mass stipends, with all of their respective intentions, into only ONE Mass! We do NOT do this. Only ONE Mass is offered for only ONE intention in accordance with the laws of the Catholic Church!!!

For an immediate need. For a special material need. For another special need.
To find a good job. For financial help. To become more spiritual
For a holy and happy Marriage. For help for my spouse. For help for one of my parents.
For help for a relative or friend. For help with my prayer life. For help with my studies.
For help for a physical problem. For help for a mental or emotional problem. To overcome an addiction.
For a special spiritual need. For the Grace of Final Perseverance. For my Special Intention.
Deceased Parent, Child, or Other Person. Please write
name of Person below.
To find a person who will be a good and holy marriage mate. Other. You may write it in the space below if your prefer.


N.B.  IF one or more of the Mass intentions includes one or more deceased person(s), please type in their first name(s) below. Otherwise leave these next boxes blank and skip down to the next section.  Thank You.
Name: Name:
Name: Name:
I have enclosed a total of $  in U.S. FUNDS only for ______ Masses.

Please make your choices above, type in the data below, then print out this page, and make your check payable ONLY toFather James, then mail this printed page and your completed check to:

Father James
% Cordi-Marian Fathers
250 South Lyon Avenue, # DE-005
Hemet, California 92543

Mailing address:
City:    State:
Zip Code:
E-Mail Address:

Please double-check to make sure all of the data is correct.
Then print out this page. You may click on the Printer below:

Please note: You will be notified by E-Mail of the exact dates which will be scheduled for each of your Masses. But we can't do this without your exact E-Mail address. Thank you and God Bless You!

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