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Dear Visitors:

Catholic Missionaries who contact me really need your help.
This photo is only one of many examples.
This Missionary is in the white Cassock.
He is trying to help over 450 very poor Children.

Please help me to also help other Catholic Missionaries
Some of Whom Need Your Pre-Vatican 2 Items.

Periodically, I receive requests from various Missionaries for Catholic Traditional style Mass Vestments (especially from the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's), and/or Church/Chapel and Religious items, etc., etc.

I even need some of these things, as well as various other church and chapel items. For example, some of my Mass vestments are wearing out due to frequent use.

IF any of you know any churches and/or chapels which might have some extra Mass vestments or church/chapel items which they would like to donate to us, including anything or everything that is Traditional, which means:  pre-Vatican 2, either please provide them with our address, found below, or pick up these items yourself and send them to me at the address below.

I have already shipped whatever extra items I have had at our own expense to other Missionaries who were in need.  But both they, as well as myself, still have a need for donations, not only of money, but also of used church items which are no longer used or needed by other churches and chapels.

JUST IN:  A Missionary, who is also a Rosary maker, has asked Us to please try to find a copy of the Pittshire Catalog of 1961-1962 Rosary-Making Catalog for him.  This is what the front cover of this catalog looks like:

Father thanks you in advance and is deeply grateful!

The needs vary from time to time, but, in general, certain items are always in need. These include Traditional Mass vestments.

What do Traditional Mass vestments look like?  Here are a few examples:

Some of the Needed Items:
Please Note:  Most Used Items are Not Complete Sets
However, Whatever Is Available Can Be Used

Traditional Roman Catholic Mass Vestments

Traditional Roman Style Chasubles

Comparison of the Front and Back of the Traditional Roman Style Chasubles
Please Notice the Shape of the Cross on the Back
There is No Cross on the Front

The Seven Liturgical Colors Are, as per above Roman sequence:
Green, White, Black, Red, Purple, Gold, and Rose

Traditional Gothic Style Chasubles

The Seven Liturgical Colors Are, as per above Gothic sequence:
Black, White, Red, Green, Rose, Purple, and Gold

Front               Back

Comparison of the Front and Back of the Traditional Gothic Style

Please Notice the "Y" Shaped Cross on Both the Front and the Back

Traditional Copes of all Colors
Special Need Now for 2 Purple Copes

Traditional Copes of all Colors
Special Need Now for 2 Green Copes
Several older Clergy have specifically requested the Altar-size Missale Romanum, printed in 1943 or earlier. Thank you in advance for your very great Charity and generosity! God Bless You!

Also, one Priest has requested an old-style (traditional) Monstrance with its removable glass or plastic Luna in which the Sacred Host is placed securely (plus, the metal Luna holder if at all possible).

Traditional Luna Holder

Glass Luna in Opened Position
Host Inserted Inside
Then Placed in Monstrance

Back of Monstrance Opened
To show glass Luna inside

Thank you in advance for your very great Charity and generosity! God Bless You!

Besides these needs, other Clergy are still in need of many other basic items, not only for Mass, but also for other things. More recently requests have been received for liturgical Copes and Humeral Veils for Benediction, as well as Altar Cloths.

Traditional Mass Vestments Worn by
a Roman Catholic Priest in Vesting Sequence:

Black Cassock

Black Cassock Cincture
Shown with Fringe






Priest wears a Black Biretta,
Carries a Chalice Covered
with a Chalice Veil
on top of which is a Burse


Priest-Black     Bishops-Roman Purple (also White)

Summary of Priest Vesting for Mass with a Roman Style Vestment


Priest carries a Chalice with these Items:

Chalice and Paten

Chalice, Paten, White Purificator

Chalice Pall is Placed on Top of Paten which is Placed on Top of the Chalice

Chalice, Paten, White Purificator, Pall, with Folded Corporal on top of Pall

Unfolded White Corporal
Notice the 9 Sections Created by 4 folds

Chalice with a Purificator, Paten, Pall, Chalice Veil, and
the Burse - inside the Burse is the folded Corporal

Before leaving the Sacristy to Process to the Altar,
A Host is Placed on the Paten


A few graphics of only a few of the many, many other items that are needed.


Traditional Ciborium, Paten, Chalice

Traditional Cruets

Traditional Luna Holder

Glass Luna in Opened Position
Host Inserted Inside
Then Placed in Monstrance

Back of Monstrance Opened
To show glass Luna inside

Items for Bishops Include:

Traditional Crozier

Traditional Mitre

Also Requested:
Dalmatics (Deacons) and Tunics (Sub-Deacons).

Tunic for a Sub-Deacon
Notice the 1 Horizontal Band

Dalmatic for a Deacon, Front and Back
Notice the 2 Horizontal Bands

Some of the Other Items which are Needed:

Other requests include both First and Second Class Relics (even if any or all of the certification documents are not with any or all of the Relics).

Also, marble Altar Stones with the Relics cemented in them, and the so-call cloth "Greek Corporals" with the Relics sewn into them, are also needed.  These are used by the Mass Celebrant on which to set the Oblata, i.e. the Chalice and Host, when Offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Several Eastern-Rite Priests and Bishops have requested Eastern-Rite style vestments, religious items, etc.

Generally speaking, all kinds of religious books on all subjects, whether hard-back or paper-back.  For example:  Church History, Patrology (writings of the Fathers of the Church), dictionaries, Spiritual Life, Liturgical Books of all kinds, Lives of Saints, Sermons, Theology, Philosophy, Councils, writings of the Popes and Saints, etc., and similar, which were originally printed before 1955, as well as the Catholic Douay-Rheims edition of the Bible in English, which was originally printed in about 1899, although this Bible, and many other religious books, were reprinted, unchanged, by various book publishers, including TAN books, after 1955, and some have just been reprinted in 2016.

Other items include Mass kits with gilded, i.e. gold-plated, chalices with matching gilded, i.e. gold-plated, patens, gilded, i.e. gold-plated, ciboria with matching gilded, i.e. gold-plated, top covers (Canon Law 1305 requires these items be gilded, i.e. gold-plated)), gilded, i.e. gold-plated, pyx (Canon Law 1270), monstrances.

Also needed are brass candle holders, white altar cloths, other altar and Chalice linens, altar stones, large crucifixes, statues, pictures, cassocks (both for Clergy and Altar servers), surplices (both for Clergy and Altar servers), kneelers, and books of all kinds, including hymnals and prayer books which were originally printed before 1950 (newer, but accurate, reprints, are fine).

Altar size Missals for Mass are also needed (but printed before 1944 [or reprints of pre-1944 Missals]) for use by the Mass Celebrant.  Small hand-size missals (preferably printed before 1944 [or reprints of pre-1944 editions], but printed [or current reprints of the older editions] no later than 1950, since they are not used by the Mass Celebrant.)

Needs also include such things as rosaries (a kind person has offered to fix broken rosaries IF all of the broken pieces of the Rosary are all included in a plastic bag), and Scapulars which have not been worn or otherwise used (due to health concerns).

These are some ot the things which have been requested in the past, in addition to financial help. Thank You in advance for however you can help! God Bless You!

However, please DO NOT SEND us:  prayer cards, pictures (unframed), various types of printed literature which so many religious organizations send out it seems by the millions, and such-like, because I have a huge oversupply of such items and no Missionary is even requesting them.  Thank you for your understanding.

Of course, cash donations to help purchase such items, would also be appreciated.   It would also help to cover the cost of shipping these things to those Missionaries who have contacted me for some of these things.  Please make your check payable to: Cordi-Marian Fathers.

In return, I will personally include, in all of my Masses for one full year, everyone who donates any item(s) and/or money to this Mission Program, as my own way of showing my personal thanks and gratitude to each person who directly helps this Mission Program in some way.  This full year of Masses also includes everyone who personally contacts churches and/or chapels and who get donations of these kinds of items.  Such people would then ship them to me, postage paid, by the U.S. Mail or by U.P.S. or by Federal Express.

I realize that these are difficult times for many people, as well as for many churches and chapels, but please remember that God is never outdone in generosity!  God will reward all of those, in His time and in His way, who take any direct part in this Mission Program, just as He has done to others over the last 1,900 years!

Shipping Suggestions

IF you are going to send me anything that is breakable, please wrap it securely in bubble wrap, or something similar. Please DO NOT USE wadded-up newspapers, tissue paper, etc., with which to wrap anything breakable because experience says it will be broken upon arrival if wadded-up newspapers are used. Also, please be sure to put FRAGILE on the outside of the box in which you are shipping the breakable item(s). Thank you in advance for your very great Charity and generosity!

Again, Thank You very much! God Bless You!

Effective June 24, 2014

I do not have a Secretary to send a "Thank You Letter" by U.S. Mail to each of you who send me one or more donations.

Therefore, IF you would like to receive a "Thank You" from me, please type, or carefully print, your name and E-Mail address on a piece of paper and put it inside the box.

I never give or sell any E-Mail addresses to anyone or to any group or to any organization of any kind. What is in the digital E-Mail address book always remains 100% confidential.

A Special Thank You!
A Special "Thank You" to those of you who have sent, or who will be sending, any of the above liturgical and/or religious items.

Thank you in advance for your Charity and generosity!
God Bless You!

Please send the donated items, cash donations, etc. to:

Cordi-Marian Fathers
250 South Lyon Avenue, # DE - 005
Hemet, California 92543
AttentionMission Department # 1

On behalf of the Missionaries of the Catholic Church, who have many hardships and daily struggles to bring the Catholic Faith, Mass, Sacraments, and Catechetical instructions, etc., to many very poor people, I thank you very much!  And so do they as you will note in this photo from one of them:


Thank You for Your Charity!  God Bless You!

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“Rejoicing in Hope.  Patient in tribulation.  Instant in prayer” (Romans 12:12).

“Now the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing; that you may abound in Hope, and in the power of the Holy Ghost”  (Romans 15:13).

“Charity is patient, is kind: Charity...beareth all things, Believeth all things, Hopeth all things, endureth all things” (1 Corinthians 13:4, 7).

“Now Faith is the substance of things to be Hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not” (Hebrews 11:1).

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