Hopeth all things (1 Corinthians 13:7).

Saint Jude
for Me

to the

Shrine of Saint Jude
Catholic Church
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Saint Jude is
The Patron Saint
of cases that are:
Difficult, Hopeless,
and Impossible

Saint Jude
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First National & International Shrine of Saint Jude Website on the Internet!
First National & International Roman Catholic Website on the Internet.

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Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory,
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How YOU Can Help to Get the Soul of a
Loved One Out of Purgatory Much Faster!


Five Scientific Proofs For the Existence of God
Almighty God Infuses a Rational Immortal Soul
Into Every Human Body at the Moment of Conception


A Brief Explanation of Prayer
During these Difficult Days of the
Communist China Virus
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Converts Abortion Doctor


What Was It Like In the Roman Catholic Church
All of the Many Changes Synod Vatican 2 Made?
An Historically PROVEN WAY

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Catholic Baptismal
Confirmation Names
How To Live A Spiritual Life
Please PRAY the Daily Rosary
To Prevent Any Changes To Social Security
and To Rid Medicare of Fraud
Our Lady of Fatima's Protective Shield
The Two Atomic Bombs Dropped on Japan in 1945
Humor Has Moved
To Its Own Web Page!
Thanksgiving web page Includes a Brief History of
The First Catholic Thanksgivings in the U.S.A.:
1541, 1564, 1565, and 1598.
Also included are many Thanksgiving Day graphics,
plus lots of Thanksgiving Day Humor!



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St. Jude Thaddeus
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Saint Jude
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Saint Jude
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Saint Jude
Saint Jude Thaddeus, A Brief Biography.
Now available after over five years of research!
Saint Jude
Novena Prayers to Saint Jude Thaddeus,
Apostle and Martyr,
Patron Saint of Impossible and Hopeless Cases
The Shrine of Saint Jude thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus
For all of his great Blessings and Miracles it has received over the years!
St. Jude Thaddeus
Thank You, Saint Jude!!!

9 - 11-2001
Please join with us in praying for all victims, not only of hurricanes,
but of earthquakes, blizzards, floods, all other natural disasters, all wars, etc., etc.

Please also join with us in praying for the safe and speedy return home
of all men and women who are in the military of the United States of America.


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