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Great Testimonials for
Requiem Mass Intentions Granted
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Dear Readers,

Please click on the following link to request your Requiem Mass(es) for the Holy Souls in Purgatory:
Catholic Requiem Masses.

Father Michael:

The holy souls have been helping me in every step of our relocation from finding the right place to live, sudden opening for a job transfer and even the smallest details of moving!

I am always extremely amazed and grateful when another prayer is answered!!

I highly recommend everyone to offer masses, prayers and sacrifices for these souls because you will be amazed and thankful for the many blessings in return!!

They need our help desperately!!


Dear Father Michael,

Most humble thanks for your Requiem Masses to the Holy Souls for my Intention.

Super fast results!

Thanks Holy Souls!


Dear Readers,

Many years ago, I really needed help for a certain project.  After a number of Requiem Masses Offered for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, I received a lot more than just the help I really needed.

One of my several Devotions has been the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory since about the 3rd Grade.  They have been helping me in many ways ever since, most especially as the result of the Requiem Masses I Offer for them for my various Intentions.

Thank you Holy Souls for your continued help!

Most Humbly,

Father Michael

Dear Father Michael:

Thank you greatly for your Requiem Masses for my young Son who died unexpectedly.  It was like a nightmare.

You Offered some Requiem Masses for him.  After that, although I can not see him, I can hear what he tells me - a few minutes every day!  It is a great comfort to at least hear his voice and know he is ok thanks to your Holy Requiem Masses for him.

Thank you so, so much!


[Editor's Commentary: This is very, very unusualIt is extremely rare to actually clearly hear about a Soul who has passed over speaking to a person in this life.  In this case, it is the deceased Son speaking to his Mother.  Even though it is only for a few minutes, I was told it happens almost every day.!]

Dear Father Michael,

You offered several Requiem Masses for my Dad who died very recently.  His death was really heart-breaking for me - went through the stages of grief and all that, still not over it totally; working on it.

Then I got to wondering if your Masses for him did him any good?  Well, I unexpectedly got a very large check in the mail - turns out he had a bank account I knew nothing about and I was beneficiary!  I took it as a big sign that I did the right thing requesting those Requiem Masses for him; other family members agree with me and told me I needed to get to my computer and send you this emal pronto to give thanks!  So here tis!

My sincere appreciation.  Your Masses have helped me much in easing the terrible pain of loss like a dagger through the heart.  There is still pain now, but the sharp edge is gone along with about half of the rest of the pain.


A True Story About Purgatory
Involving One of Our Priests

There was a Lady who was a member of one of the Parishes where one of our Priests was the Pastor.  She called her Pastor to ask him if he could go to the local hospital to visit her Father and to say some prayers for him.

After getting the necessary details, the Pastor went to the hospital.  During this visit, the Grace of God touched the heart and Soul of the Father of this Lady and he asked to go to Confession and to receive the Last Rites of the Catholic Church from which he had been away for over 50 years!  Of course, the Pastor was more than happy to comply with the wishes of this very sick man.

A few days later, the Mother of the Pastor called him to tell him she had just become very ill and, with no one else to take care of her, she was hoping he could get permission from his Bishop to leave the Parish and to take care of her during her illness.  She lived about a thousand miles away.  The necessary arrangements were made, the Pastor left, and was temporarily replaced by another Priest.

Within several days after arriving at his Mother's home, the Pastor received an emergency call from the Lady to whose Father he had given the Last Rites only about a week earlier.

She explained to her Pastor that her Father had just died a few hours before that and that he was in desperate need of having her Pastor offer a Requiem Mass for him as soon as possible.

Why was she in such a great hurry?

In her great sorrow and deep grief, she explained to her Pastor, that her Father had just appeared to her!

She and her young Daughter were kneeling on the floor of their living room, saying the Rosary for the happy repose of his immortal Soul, when the floor beneath them opened up, as it were, and she could see her Father in a sea of huge flames! She could also hear him screaming from the horrible pain of the agony of the never-consuming fires of Purgatory!

Yes, her Father told her, he was in Purgatory, although he had been destined to go to Hell.

Her Father explained to his Daughter that because of the Last Rites which he had received from her Pastor, that he was able to escape going to Hell for all eternity!

He also told his grieving Daughter that although God had spared his Soul from going to Hell, there was no way he could go to Heaven without first going to Purgatory because between the time that the Pastor had left him in his hospital room, and the time he died, due to a bad habit, he had committed a few venial sins.

Now this Father begged his Daughter to call her Pastor immediately in order to request that he immediately Offer a Catholic Requiem Mass for him.

He was very insistent that it had to be her Pastor who was the one to Offer this Catholic Requiem Mass because he knew her Pastor was a validly Ordained Catholic Priest and that her Pastor would use his Requiem Missal with which to Offer the much needed Requiem Mass for him.

He told his Daughter that if her Pastor would offer this one Mass for his Soul, before the conclusion of this one Catholic Requiem Mass, he would be released from Purgatory and go straight to Heaven!

"Blessed are the Merciful:  for they shall obtain Mercy."
(Matthew 5:7)

We all get much too busy at times with what are ultimately non-essential things and tend to forget about praying for the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory! Therefore, let this be a gentle reminder to you that YOU need to take action!

For example, ask yourself when was the last time YOU gave a Stipend to have one or more  Catholic Requiem Masses Offered for the happy repose of the Soul of someone YOU know who is deceased, whether it might be a Parent, or Grandparent, or a relative, or even a close friend?

But don't limit yourself in the practice of the Theological Virtue of Charity!

Perhaps the Priest who Baptized you, or maybe the Bishop who Confirmed you, or perhaps some of the Priests at whose Masses you attended years ago are deceased? Such Bishops and Priests need Requiem Masses, too!

So, if you would like to request us to offer one or more Catholic Requiem Mass for such a Soul, please click on this link: Catholic Requiem Mass and follow the directions.

Think of all of the terrible, horrible sufferings YOU will spare a Soul that is in Purgatory!

Remember, IF you should have the misfortune to find yourself in Purgatory, would you not want someone in this life to request at least one Catholic Requiem Mass to be Offered for Your Soul in order to lessen the intensity of your sufferings and perhaps be sufficient to even release you from Purgatory and to go to Heaven much, much sooner?

According to one book on Purgatory, the intensity of the pain in Purgatory is so terrible that one hour in Purgatory seems like it is ten years in earth time!!!

Please understand that those who ignore helping the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory, most especially by not sending us one or more Stipends requesting that Catholic Requiem Masses be Offered for the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory, if, after they die, end up having the misfortune to find themselves in Purgatory, very quickly will discovered that then it will be their turn to be ignored, not just for a few hours or days or months, just like they did to those Souls they could have helped who were in Purgatory when they were yet in this life, but for the entire time they are supposed to be in Purgatory which, in some cases, could be hundreds of years, or maybe even longer - and, yes, one hour in Purgatory seems like ten years of earth time?!!!


More True Stories About Purgatory
Involving One of Our Priests
The White Linen Suit

One of the Parishioners of this Priest had a Lady whose younger Brother lived some distance away.  He had been bed-ridden for the last year and a half when Father was taken to give the Last Rites to this 45 year-old gentleman.  About 10 days later the 45 year-old Brother of this Lady died during the early morning hours of the day after Thanksgiving that year.  He had been permitted to spend his last Thanksgiving with his Parents the day before, even though he was bed-ridden, and in excruciating pain.

This Lady provided some Mass Stipends for the Traditional Catholic Requiem Masses to her Pastor who Offered the first Requiem Mass later that same morning of the death of her Brother.  As he was Offering this first Requiem Mass, the Pastor heard the 45 year old deceased man speaking very clearly to him and giving him a message for his Sister.  After this Mass, the Pastor informed the Lady, who was his Sister, about her Brother's message for her.

Thereupon, it was decided that a second Requiem Mass should immediately follow the first Requiem Mass.  During this second Requiem Mass, the Lady, who was the oldest Sister of this 45 year old deceased man, saw her Brother standing in a beautiful white suit.  On either side of him stood two Holy Angels getting him ready to go up into Heaven.  Her Brother gave his Sister a number of messages for herself and for the family.  But his Sister was wondering if what she was seeing and hearing was real, or only her imagination.  At that time, her eyes "zoomed in" on the white suit her Brother was wearing and she could see very clearly that the material was beautiful white linen.

After this second Requiem Mass was finished. this Lady asked her Pastor about why her Brother was wearing a white linen suit, especially since in this life he never wore such a suit, even one time.  Her Pastor explained how the Bible teaches that clothes made of white linen are worn in Heaven.  For example:

And the seven angels came out of the temple.... clothed with clean and white linen.... (Apocalypse 15:6; emphasis added).

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give glory to him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath prepared herself.   And it is granted to her that she should clothe herself with fine linen, glittering and white. For the fine linen are the justifications of saints. (Apocalypse 19:7-8; emphasis added).

And the armies that are in heaven followed him on white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. (Apocalypse 19:14; emphasis added).

Because this Lady was not aware of white linen being worn in Heaven, there is no way she could have imagined seeing her Brother wearing a white linen suit, as the Holy Angels were escorting her Brother up to Heaven!  She was greatly comforted with this fact!

The Smell of Sulphur

Because of his own great personal devotion to the Poor, Suffering Souls in Purgatory, this same Priest, already mentioned, always has many visits from the Souls in Purgatory.  Many times he knew they were coming because of the very strong stench of sulphur which preceded them.  Many other times they would go to a corner of his bedroom at night and wake him up by making lots of noise by crumpling newspapers.  One time, an over-zealous Soul ripped off the top covers of his bed while he was sleeping.  Many other times, Souls would sit at the foot of his bed next to his feet.  They would wake him up by sitting down very hard on his bed next to his feet.  Each time, Father would gently tell them that they first needed to go to their family, or whoever else, and request that they send him the required Mass Stipend(s), per Church Law, for the Requiem Masses they so desperately needed.

The Archbishop

Father had known this Archbishop for many years.  He was a genuine Mystic, although, through Humility, he did not like to talk about his experiences, especially when he Offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, at which time he could see everything that was actually happening during the Mass - those things which are normally hidden from mortal view, e.g. Jesus Christ, the principal Mass Celebrant/Victim, Our Blessed Mother, and thousands of Holy Angels.

But eventually the day came when he left this mortal life.  It was the Feast Day of the Holy Family on that Sunday that year long ago.  Father received a telephone call the middle of that Morning, several hours after he had Offered the Sunday Mass.  The caller explained who he was and told the Priest the sad news about the passing of the Holy Archbishop.  Father was also requested to contact a very well-known Priest (a Cardinal in pectore - in the heart of the Pope, i.e. a secret) to also make him aware of the death of this Holy Archbishop.  After an extended telephone conversation with him, the Cardinal said that he, too, would also Offer a Requiem Mass for this Archbishop.  In answer to a question of the Priest, the Cardinal answered that he, also, uses the same Requiem Missal as does the Priest.  Thereupon, Father begged off the telephone call to Offer the Requiem Mass for the Archbishop.

Two days later, while the Priest was busy typing a theological study of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he was interrupted when the Archbishop began talking to him.  The Archbishop had come to thank the Priest for having Offered the Requiem Mass for him to leave Purgatory at that time, but the Archbishop was also permitted to give Father a number of secrets which are common knowledge among the Saints of Heaven who are the closest to the Throne of the Holy Trinity.  This was part of Father's Requiem Mass Stipend from the Archbishop for Offering the Requiem Mass for the Archbishop.

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